Ready, Set, Go…

I am reminded of an ending scene from Doogie Howser as I sit here to type this first post of 2012 and effectively of my site. I am aware of my heart beating hard in my chest with nervous anticipation of the future. You see, for me this is a big step forward in my life. A new beginning, a new chapter and for just plain dumb luck of timing it comes about right at the start of 2012.

Prophetic? Nah. Surely, I am not that in tune with the universe; as this past year bears perfect witness.

In 2011, I was let go from a local healthcare clinic where I served as the IT Administrator and Resident Jack-of-all-Trades. Like the website? <shameless self-promotion>I made it from scratch using Aptana and GIMP with stock images from, shamless self-promotion>. What has followed has been many months of fruitless job searching and extensive introspection. Repeated rejection will do that to a fella, ya know? So, I am here today without unemployment benefits to fall back on ready to attack the world, or at least my little part of it, with my brand of tech-goodness.

You name the technology you need help with and I can probably help you. Not trying to be arrogant, that’s just the facts as I see them and you can say that of almost every tech professional in the world today. Saying that, I like to think I specialize in small office and home office computer repair and networking. I also like to think I am a semi-skilled web designer and coder. My true passions are web design and also helping people out with honest, knowledgeable advice.

The technology field is expansive and is getting broader and deeper daily. No one person can claim to know it all and to be it all any longer. I enjoy keeping abreast of everything emerging and the iterations of old technology made into something cool with injections of new tweaks. Those kind of things fire me up and I like to tell people about them. So, hopefully you will appreciate the eclectic mix of my Twitter feed, @justemailsteve. I also throw in a healthy mix of love of sports and the CBS TV show Big Brother. I even made a web site that shows all the Big Brother Tweets (but honestly, the coolest thing on there is the logo I made for the site).

“Steve, what are you saying you are going to do then?”

Glad you asked. Well, I guess I asked.

I have a plan that starts here today with this post and goes on from there. It includes local computer and networking repair and service in the Norman, Noble, Little Axe area, web design services, community outreach, social media marketing and blogging. The plan culminates several years from now and I will learn a bunch of new stuff and meet a whole world of new people along the way. I’m ready, I’m set and it is time to GO!

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